Tuesday, September 29, 2009

ga ga for garland

I am currently obsessively watching over a bunch of my favorites at etsy hoping no one will buy them. I want to purchase them all as soon as I have some cash. I will post about them once I have finished the sale ( hint: they are corsage/boutonniere related...also some christmas stuff is in their too but thats besides the point)

There is something so wonderful and simple and real about this wedding over at design sponge. The cake topper is making me crazy I love it so much. Also, now I want to eat some peaches.

I love every part of this woodsy table setting but the acorn/leave garland is making my heart skip a beat. Do you think they used a paper punch for the shapes or stencils? A paper punch would make it a breeze.

(image via ritzy bee)

If I was doing table numbers/settings I think this would be great for the different tables:

(image via oh joy)

2 links!

Love the ears

The paper garland makes this for me

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  1. I about died when I saw that wedding on Design Sponge. The peach theme was just perfect.