Tuesday, September 8, 2009

More etsy crushes

Last (but not least, and not really the last) of my etsy loves:

(visit the shop here)

Great painting. Girl scouts rule! I started geeking out after this and looking up fun vintage girl scout images like old handbooks. How cool would it be to incorporate old camping handbook drawings into this somehow???

(visit the shop here)

This my friends is a giant sticker. How great is that? I'm not sure our venue would be big fans of me leaving sticker residue/ tearing paint off their walls though. But it would be super cool in lieu of a wall of fabric to take pictures with.

Also, big congrats to my friend Amy! She just got married and judging by the couple of pictures I saw, it looked like a beautiful happy ceremony, full of love!!!!!!!!!! ( and she wore a wonderful colorful dress!)

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