Saturday, May 2, 2009

Because I am cheap

You will have to bear with me. I just was finishing a post, then I leaned on something then it was gone. I imagine I will not be as witty the second time around. That being said, my earlier erased post had to do with sales. Me and stores do not agree on what constitutes a sale price. I feel a sale is something that only costs a couple dollars or pocket change. The stores seem to always add about $10 on to that. For example, I bought some burts bees lipgloss yesterday for $.74 at Target. That my friends is a sale price. Then I saw foundation for $10. Not a sale price to me. I figured I would post some items I would love for the wedding but that I am going to wait until an after summer sale to purchase:

( image via dream weddings on a budget)

Now I don't think I have to wait down prices for the containers. I've seen plenty of cute ones for cheap at places like Ikea and Target. The candy however, I feel like will be a steal after any given holiday. So far here are the yellow candies I like best ( I would also like to note when looking up 'yellow candy' on google images an hard boiled eggs came up. now I like eggs as much as the next person but they are not candy. A candy version would also be gross. Also when I looked up taffy a bunch of pictures of terriers came up. Hmm.):

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I also had some images of maryjanes, taffy, rock candy and sour candy but I'm lazy and haven't quite figured out the best way to upload photos exactly where I want them yet. The other items I am waiting to go on a "after summer sale" are dispensers and those big metal tubs to put ice and drinks in. Wouldn't a couple dispensers be great filled with iced tea or lemonade or sangria? I would love to also maybe fill it with water and some sliced lemons, limes or cucumbers. Also, how great would some white metal tubs be for a wedding bbq?! I like buckets and dispensers at and I would fill it with fancy sodas (maybe izze?) and/or sofia sparkling wine ($16/4 at My favorite part about the sofia wine is that the cans come with their own straw. And Sofia(Coppola) is a pretty awesome lady so maybe her coolness would rub off on my wedding too!

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  1. What are those candy sticks called? So pretty!