Tuesday, January 12, 2010

feeling good for a tuesday

so here are some other things in the works:

-I am working on completing the full invitation which means actual ceremony/reception information and I also need a map to go along with that. I found an image from the superman wedding comic the invite is done from which is a full page that of dialog between Lois and Superman and I think I might just add the information into the speech bubbles (and use our faces (but I might not, I could keep them as Lois as Clark since it doesn't matter on this piece) and make the speech bubbles bigger to fit all the info) and then for an rsvp card I found an image of Lois talking to Superman on the phone. I would love to make speech bubble stickers with one saying 'yes love too' and maybe the other saying 'no can't too busy saving the world that day'. I also need to figure out the bizarre world of invitation wording.I basically want something along the lines of ' the two of us along with our loving families invite you to....' not any crazy 'sir blah blah cordially invites your royal presence to attend the prestiguous nuptials of blah blah blah...'

- last night I bought some lace appliques to hopefully make something along the lines of this (now I just need to get a chain and maybe a little pearl or feather like shown below). On a side note, there were tons of hipster boys at the fabric store last night. Also two of the older ladies behind the cash register were slow dancing. All in all a pretty hilarious trip.

(from littlewhitedresser's shop on etsy)

(from bejewelledbespoke's shop on etsy)

- got the blank cufflinks I ordered in the mail. Looked online to find cool images to modge podge on (band pics, cd covers, etc or I might use guitar picks).Not sure who exactly is getting them ( I know my dad atleast). Have to hammer that out with the future hubs.

-invested in a ton of floral tape at the dollar store to start making flowers because of course when I went to make them the floral tape I have was no where to be found. Also bought some wire cutters. Got to love The Dollar Tree.


  1. I will send you an email because I don't think Blogger would like me to write a seven paragraph comment on how awesome your invitations are going to be!

  2. i love that second necklace. you may have just inspired me too attempt this. where do you get the lace appliques?

  3. i went to a local fabric store. they had spools of it near the ribbon. they also sell a bunch for cheap on etsy!

  4. this is great .. dresses are adorable.. place is perfect for you.. sun will definitely shine that day