Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stuff is Happening!

How's your weekend going so far? I really ought to take down my Christmas decor. I have done some things so far today though! I worked out ( 9 days straight!) and I bought some moss to make these. Hooray! Also I went to the most disheveled jo-ann fabrics ever. It was tempted to ask if it was going out of business because entire aisles were empty and everything was on clearance. But I did get some cute ribbon there to make some boutonneires.

-Catering figured out- just need to give them updates a week ahead (check!)
-Hotel situation for out of tow guests- got reduced rate, paperwork in mail (check!)


(from here)
bought for the ring bear-er ha ha ha

to make for the dads, fiancee & best man? ( I bought a set of 5...I couldn't find any I liked for the dudes that weren't too $$$$. I'm thinking superheroes, music stuff...)

(from here)
for me!

I lost one bid on ebay but I am also bidding on something new, which I actually like better. wish me luck! I am also stalking ebay and hoping to will shoes i want onto it. Also, looking into buying these for centerpieces. I wanted to buy one of each size to figure out what I liked better but the shipping charge stinks so maybe I should just pick a size and stick to it?

Also: I need your help!
What are some good sites for fun cheap dresses? I've exhausted all my resources thus far.


  1. Have you looked at OnceWed for dress? They have this whole used section:
    Also, I got mine from J. Crew for an extremely good deal. Check em out.
    Hope this helps! I can't wait to see how your wreaths turn out. I am working with moss for the wedding too, but I'm finding it's sort of difficult (and MESSY).

  2. it funny you say that because i have been on jcrew so much lately. my bridesmaids are 2 different sizes so as soon as we find 1 dress it is only in one size. i told them it didn't have to be matchy matchy but alas i thought it was going to be a simpler process! I don't know if once wed has bridesmaid dresses but i will totally check! thanks!