Thursday, January 14, 2010

almost friday ( and a 3 day weekend!)

Couple things:

-got my purse in the mail. It is so cute! I am very happy with my purchase.

- I was thinking of what to do with my super long bangs for the wedding. Ooh how about this, sister hairdresser??

(image via green wedding shoes)

- went shoe shopping last night at DSW. Total bust. As in U-G-L-Y you ain't go not alibi ugly shoes. Which stinks. I spent a very long time last night looking for cute quirky yellow shoes (or just fun colored shoes). I wish when you googled 'wedding shoes' super silver strappy numbers weren't the only thing that comes up. Any good shopping suggestions for shoes?

-bought some more colors of sheets of crepe paper. Now I actually have to get started on those flowers. I printed out a million templates yesterday of all different flowers so I can try my had at a couple different ones.

-I want to buy the biggest spool of red bakers twine ever. Not only would it be great to tie together my invites, save the dates, etc. But I love the sweet detail in this wedding too (which I might have to steal).


  1. Shoe shopping: Zappos, Endless, Piperlime, Ebay, Norstorm, outlet stores :)

    I love that wedding from Green Wedding Shoes too! Gorgeous.

  2. Cool, vintage shoes can always be found on etsy too. I visit etsy for everything, especially when you want something quirky!

    This is Nicole, your cousin - didn't want to create a profile:)

  3. thanks Nicole! I love etsy. I have been ordering so much from them lately! How are you doing? Feeling good still?