Thursday, January 28, 2010

love love love i want your love

(image via le love)

Sorry for the light posting but I am a busy bee lately

-bought stamps and dropped off save the dates to be printed (at staples so hoping they come out good)
-also quick questions about invite/save the date etiquette (do you love the note taking structure of this blog post? bring me back to history class...)
1- am i a jerk for totally taking over making them even though help is offered? I'm just being very anal and I have a vision in mind!
2- is it hella lame to leave my co-workers invites in their inbox instead of mailing them? we all exchange birthday cards, sympathy cards that way usually. I looked up their addresses in our computer system but 2 were cut off so I will have to ask them anyways since they are condo addresses.

-tonight need to buy envelopes/liners and stuff and address them all (oh and mail them too)
- completely inspired by this wedding. A vintage mailbox? I would love that for my postcards!
-working on the website (by the way, Liz if you are reading this send me a digital pic of you I can use otherwise I'm going to have to scan something weird and old of us :)
-waiting for the bibs to come in so I can stamp them
-need to go buy a necklace chain/charms to finish necklace
-trying to decide on earrings to buy....I really love these. which one? which one?

(both from this awesome etsy shop where I want everything....)

-clearly I need to totally get my act together on flowers (that's what weekends are for right?)

on a side note: totally in love with this wedding too!


  1. In response to your questions:

    1. NO! There are things later in the process you can accept help for, but when you have a specific vision don't feel bad for wanting to execute it just so. (I am the exact same way)

    2. I am doing the same thing for my work friends. They're not going to care how they received the invite, just that they got one. Besides, everyone knows how expensive postage is, and should appreciate an effort to cut an unnecessary cost.

    I hope Staples does a good job! Sounds like you're rolling right along!

  2. Eeep! I will get you a digital photo pronto.

  3. liz- good! ha ha. otherwise, I'm posting that picture of me and you in junior high dressed as richie and the fonz

    lisa- thank you so much for all your helpful and encouraging comments! I really appreciate it!

  4. Bwahahaha. I want a copy of that picture. I would prefer it didn't make its way onto the internet though.

  5. Answer to your questions:
    1. Hella no. Why do you think I plan my own birthday parties everyday?
    2. Hella yes because everyone loves getting stuff in their mailbox ;)Though I did the same thing.

    Earrings on the right. ;)

    Missed you around here but I totally get you on the busy.