Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lists, Things

(image via glamour)

So how is your new year going? Mine is going well. I have exercised everyday so far but one and my wedding planning has been kicked into high gear. Today I slept in so that meant tonight I had to race home exercise then drive back to our old neighborhood to vote** (need to register in the new town still....). I totally deserve a gold star!

Things I am up to:
-being snuggled up in a blanket
- living vicariously through the 'Chowdown Countdown' on the travel channel while eating sugar free popsicles
-feeling guilty about the about the above two things since I feel like I should be doing wedding stuff

Things I need to buy:
-wet naps
-sticker paper
-tons of fabric
-tons of fun patterned/solid colored paper
-more printer ink

Things to do/finish:
-save the dates
-invites ( which includes me needing to make a wedding webiste and make a fun map/directions)
-schedule an eye exam and get some new glasses/contacts
-buy some crest white strips
-reschedule fitting

Things that make me happy:
- I do not need to renew my passport
-the table decor in this wedding. Fruits!
- this DIY and this DIY

**not the results I was hoping for. c'mon MA! really?!

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