Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Is it bad that this post made me hungry?

My work gets issues of People magazine. I'm not going to lie: I read those suckers. Reading may be an overstatement since all I really do is browse the pictures. The most recent issue however (can't find a good link! sorry! its the one with one of the Jonas brother's wedding on it) had this big article on brides who want to lose tons of weight before their wedding (ex. 50 lbs). I thought all the girls featured were really pretty (they had pictures of them just hanging out with their fiancees beside pictures of them 'trying' to put on gowns and making frowny faces)! I think it is crazy to set a goal like that. My mom's friend's daughter in law purposely bought a dress several sizes too small with huge weight loss as a goal. Hey ladies! Quit it! Just be healthy (sometimes. mostly be happy!). I know I have been exercising a lot lately but i am mostly hoping to just tone up and eat better (again sometimes). It is disappointing to see that the whole wedding industry wants me to weigh an amount my hip bones won't let me weigh (and my love of cheese and bad tv ain't helping either). On that note...

(image from here)

...take a look at this gorgeous bride (can I just say I am amazed at what sizes are considered 'plus sizes'???) and read this amazing blog post. Thanks, A Los Angeles Love! You rock!

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  1. If everyone starts posting awesome photos like this gorgeous bride, that's all I could hope for from my little post. And boo to People magazing (shocker) and to the idiot attempt to lose multiple sizes for one single day. Love this post too!