Saturday, January 2, 2010


(image from here)

2nd day of 30 day shred and all I have to say is owwwww.....

I actually just looked up what to do to relieve sore muscles and on the side of the webpage, there she was. Watching me.

Wish me luck with this because I totally hate it!


  1. Aha! Sore muscles are a reward for your hard work. It's the good pain that I love. Good luck shredding!

  2. I usually work out at the gym, but since I'm back in the actual location where I'm getting married, I'm doing the shred for the last few days before the wedding. It's definitely tiring. Woo.

  3. I own the 30 day shred and it kicks my butt, always. My fiance thought I was just a total wuss one day so I told him to do a work out with me. He said he wanted to do two of them because they were so short and probably easy. Half way through the first one, he was about to die and sighed "Let's just do one." Talk about some satisfaction for me. Good luck to you!!!

  4. its definetly a work-out! the whole time I'm like 'damn you jillian!' but then when i'm done I feel great. do you know what really kills me? those side lunges with the weight lifts. my arms want to drop off :)