Monday, June 22, 2009

Someone (me) has a case of the Mondays

I can't help but be annoyed at how stuffed up I feel. I thought I was feeling better! I think I am just grumpy because I woke up much earlier than planned (thanks to rambunctious kitties) and in the course of updating this the computer froze hmmm like 900 times time. C'mon Monday what is your deal?

Regardless of my start of the week moodiness, Ritzy bee had some wonderful images to share this morning!

(image via amorology weddings)

I kinda hate how small this image keeps coming out. But I adore the yellow/gray table settings!

(both images via amorology weddings)

I'm sorry is it to late to change everything about my wedding? Just kidding but how gorgeous are these 2? It is from this amazing carnival themed wedding with tickets and games and balloon animals. How super fun is the color scheme too?!

Also for anyone else with crushes on short dresses on a budget, I suggest you check this out

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  1. A Carny wedding? I'll ask Paul for some tips.