Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Sticky Situation

My attempts to mutli-task this morning included: showering, making lunch, making breakfast, picking up bits and pieces, cleaning some dishes, getting dressed, ironing clothes, putting the cats in time-out (they were biting each other like crazy), watering my plants and updating my blog. Somewhere in between all those wires got crossed and I just had to clean peanut butter off the computer mouse. That is a little embarassing but it makes me look like I was a wild beast eating toast with peaut butter and bananas. But I guess I was pretty hungry.

Now on to some pics!

(image via ritzy bee)

There is something very endearing about this blanket. I don't know how I would use it but it touches my heart nonetheless.

(image via oh so beautiful paper)

Great napkins! I had been debating the linen napkin vs paper napkin fight in my head. I really like these and could probably make them or something similar.

(image via oh happy day!)

Love love her dress and it really makes me want grape soda. We are going to be serving alcohol at the wedding but I do want some fun drinks too. The barbeque place we are looking at has these great local sodas so maybe we could use those?

(image via anthropologie)

(image via west elm)

so I was on epicurious last night, seeing as my other obessesion other than weddings is food and they had this great layout for a summer barbeque and I figured i would check it out on the off chance it had wedding ideas ( two of my loves together? best thing since the chef from the food network married the girl from law and order). Anyways, they had the 2 above images. I love basically anything from anthropologie but i usually just admire from afar and circle or star things I like in their catalog. But I do enjoy the 3 tiered stand alot. I think I might just like the plates because they have lemons in them and I like the gray/yellow color combo.

Now once I clean the peanut butter off my face, I'll be good to go.


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  2. see this is why you're a bridesmaid! because you are so awesome. and you know all my secrets!