Saturday, June 27, 2009

We Have a Caterer!

(image from fun images from Tennessee's website so I thought this would just as good for bbq)

I am so psyched that we booked the caterer we wanted! We will work out the specifics later but they booked us for the date and so it is going to be delicious bbq for us. We will probably do something along the lines of pulled chicken and/or pork, mac and cheese, some kind of greens (vinegar-y coleslaw, cucumber salad or southern green beans) and definetly the cornbread. I am in love with their pulled chicken burritos. Woo! One more thing to check off. So that makes:

booked location
booked caterer
booked photographer
have groomspeople/bridal party
have officiant
have ring bearer
have date set

I think that is pretty good with over a year to go.

Also congratulations are in order! My future sister in law just got engaged! I am very very happy for her and hope we can do wedding stuff together!

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