Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm Back, Baby

So as I stated in my last entry I am back from my little break. It is always good to see my grandma and eat tons of pie,one of the many reasons I just invested in a pilates tape ( how I love you Ocean State Job Lot). I am also psyched tomorrow is Thursday (also on a side note: how do I always spell tomorrow wrong? i always add 2 m's) and I am also updating as a way to put off going to the laundromat. I have very loose plans this weekend so I am hoping to accomplish some wedding stuff which I had not in quite sometime (other than peek at stuff online, I am talking actual stuff). But enough of me blabbing, look at the fun stuff I found!

how beautiful is this print? I love it. Wouldn't this be a great table runner or back drop for the photo booth? I think its organic and fancy though so it is probably a little too pricey for me.

(image via twig & thistle)

this is making me geek out a little. i really want to make something like it but for what? I already bought small wooden dolls for the cake topper. perhaps as a topper understudy?

(image via once wed)

first off, once wed is killing me! everytime I look it is another gorgeous post! this diy veil post is something I might actually look into trying soon. this weekend perhaps? also i have plans to veg out this friday. is it crazy or not for me to be making my own veil sitting at home on a friday night (and presumably watching bad vh1?)

anyways, here are more examples of once wed fabulousness:

I mean c'mon now! how gorgeous is the first girl's engagement shoot & wedding??? For more, click here. I was going to link to each entry but there is a ton and I am lazy (I'm putting off the laundromat here!). The second one also took my breath away. Also,I love that they had baskets with what I believe are rolls or scones and simply sweet bottles with single blooms. Now that is what I want! Things I want to nab from these weddings:

1- their dresses
2- feathered hair piece ( too cute!)
3- red shoes
4- yellow bridesmaid dresses
5-billy buttons!
6-fabulous circus decorations & party tent decor

(image via ohmydeer)

love it! now that is exactly what I want. For what I dunno. Hairpieces? DIY belts? Regardless, gimme gimme gimme. On that selfish note, I should probably go wash my pillowcases. And possibly get chinese food.


  1. that fabric is beautiful! and i'm with ya, once wed is THE BEST source of inspiration. love it!

  2. Agreed. And is it just me or is there an overwhelming number of amazing weddings taking place in Georgia? Not to mention it's the homebase of the fabulous Our Labor of Love. Maybe I should consider a Southern destination wedding...