Sunday, June 21, 2009

Stuffy & Sneezy

Things I've accomplished this weekend:

1. got sick & got better (i think a combo of marathons of 'Bones', blood orange sorbet & japanese udon noodle soup was the cure!)

2. laid around a lot

ha ha so accomplished! A friend of mine from high school got married on Friday and a friend from college is engaged as well. It certainly helps to ask people in similar situations their ideas and what they're up to and what works/didn't work for them. Well I guess I don't have too much to report another than if anyone has questions pertaining to Bones, Season 1. I got another email about a dress sale not too far from me so depending on Wednesday's results, I may make an appointment with them too!

On that note...

(image via c is for charmed)

I realize I already posted an image of this pretty bride ( she was the one with the horse) but I love love the lace details in her dress so here she is again!

(image via ritzy bee)

I really really want a tea length dress for the wedding. I also adore scalloped edging and the lace details on top. I think I do want sleeves, the strapless thing does nothing for me!

Some great how-to links:

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  1. I really really love that horse girl dress.

  2. ha ha that poor girl. i'm sure sure she would love being known as the horse girl but i also love the horse girl's dress