Monday, June 29, 2009

Frocks & the 4th

So it is the beginning of a new week but a short week! And my birthday is this weekend. Yes that is correct, me and America share a birthday. I always feel rude asking for money but when my uncle asked last week I just kind of smiled when he said "Money?" and I also made note I want Martha's new craft book. Which may lead to me receiving several copies like the Christmas a couple years ago that my mom got the same Bruce Springsteen dvd from 4 or 5 people. I also sent an email to a friend from high school on any tips (she got married the other week) and she gave me some great suggestions. It was nice to finally have a somewhat sunny weekend (atleast most of Saturday) so I was sad to see the rain returning full speed this morning. My patio garden is drowning. But atleast I can dream of summer and hopefully, it will be nice on Saturday for the big 2-6.

(image via once wed)

Now I don't really like strapless (or atleast I don't like a completely bare upper chest) but this dress is fantastic. When I went dress shopping the other week, the man working there kept telling me that all they make is strapless dresses and good luck finding one with straps. Then he brought out 3 with straps for me to try on.

(image via omg on yahoo)

I'm sure its a million dollars since Cameron Diaz is wearing it but I adore it. I really love the top half. Her shoes are pretty cute too. If it is not a million dollars, I feel like it would make a great informal gown.

(images from jill's photo blog via 100 layer cake)

Another gorgeous dress (look at those fabulous sleeves!!!), another lemon ring shot. What is with me and loving lemons so much? My cousins told me my little cousin eat them with nothing on them. Probably because he is so sweet. Sorry for the ridiculous sappiness but I adore the little guy.

(images via martha stewart weddings)

have you seen the great images from the pop-up wedding? I love her dress. Unfortunately, I went to the vendor's website and they have no locations in MA and I don't know if I want to travel out of state to try on a dress I might get. I don't know how I feel about mail order even though there are some crazy amazing vintage dresses online.

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