Thursday, June 25, 2009


Things I've learned from my first dress shopping experience:

1.- do not let people tell you what other people like or what you should wear
2- read the fine print on sales flyers
3- i do not want to wear 35 layers of material on a hot August day next summer
4- i still want the same dress i wanted going in
5-liz is the best & I love my m.i.l.

needless to say I did not find "the dress". The quest continues...

i'm off to visit a friend for coffee so here is some inspiration...

(image via junebug weddings)
how much do you love the dress on the far right? swoon...

(images via green wedding shoes)
Wonderful images. A mish mash of different ideas I like in one wedding!
Lets see:
garland? check!
cupcakes? check!
billy buttons? check!

(image via once wed)
Moon pies? What a time to be alive.....

(image via erin ever after)
What a super stylin' couple. I love them


  1. I first read #5 as "Liz is the best, and I love my MILF." And I was seriously concerned.

  2. I don't know, Ryan. Your mom is kind of a babe.

  3. Elizabeth, we are no longer friends.