Monday, June 28, 2010

for the kiddies!

With the above image as my inspiration, I am making a coloring sheet for the kids at the wedding and tucking a small package of crayons in the pocket (side note: anyone know where I can get 4 packs of crayons???). The sheets will probably be 11 x 17 double sided with a total of four images. Below are the images I'm using (they are all from the amazing kid's comic 'Tiny Titans'):

Whats that say at the bottom you say? You want a close up you say?

Aw yeah.


  1. awww! way to be encouraging and promote a sense of self! :)

    love that you're tying the superhero theme into the kids coloring page (and the Friendlys love!)!

  2. That's great! Maybe check a party supply store or oriental trading for little packs of crayons.

  3. schnelle- thanks!

    angie- aw thanks! it really is such ana adorable, very funny comic. kids need cool stuff like this around :)

    tamar- thanks so much for the tip! just ordered some from oriental trading

    mrs. t- i hope so! thanks!

  4. These are great! I hope you don't mind if I make a couple of suggestions (not sure if you have any moms of young kids helping -- if you do, ignore this)? I'm not sure the ages of your wee guests, but just in case you have a few that are under age 8,

    (1) Make sure you include a large box area with plenty of white space for free-drawing. Little kids love coloring, but they're overwhelmed by detailed images, and in-between kids (ages 4-7) can get frustrated when they are not able to color in the lines like the bigger kids.

    (2) Include a small sheet of stickers. You can get them in bulk at party supply and craft stores.

    If you need a good source for small boxes of crayons, check out oriental trading and Birthday Express. Or get a large crayon carosel (more expensive than the party crayons).

  5. sarah- of course not! I appreciate it! i actually read your comment AFTER i finished making them and I was like 'oh no!' but I did manage to leave chunks of white space and the sticker idea is phenomenal! I am definetly going topick some up!

  6. you may want to have extras.

    in case any 24 year old guests want to color.

    not that i WOULD. but if i DID...

  7. i'm a first-time commenter, but pretty regular reader! here's some cheap 4-crayon packs on oriental trading

  8. Those are AWESOME!! I love that you tell the kids, "You are awesome!" Loving the images, loving everything!!

  9. liz- i made extras, don't worry :)

    carly- thank you! I just ordered some!

    lizzie- thank you so much! I am feeling pretty good about them. made them all last night and folded them up too!