Monday, June 21, 2010

check check check

honeymoon? booked!*

marriage license? researched!*

last couple stray invites ready to go? almost! (anyone else going through this right now too??)

earrings? purchased & specially made for me!

(I really wanted studs and these are so perfect! Anyone looking for some great unique earrings check out this shop)

great future husband? check!

and finally some numbers:
55 days left
25 things to do (according to the knot)
36 things to do (according to project wedding)
some number in the middle (according to me)

* courtesy of Ry


  1. LOVE the earrings. Hard core.

    P.s. Thanks for the comment over on my blog. x

  2. I am desperately in love with your new accessory.

  3. Um, I am ridiculously jealous of those beauties. I might have to get myself a similar pair. And congrats on being licensed and booked for the honeymoon!

  4. I looove those earrings! Off to check out the shop now!

  5. Oooh. I love the new earrings.

  6. hooray! thanks everyone. I completely adore them too!

  7. HONEYMOON!!! YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!

    How did Ry book it? I really want to do this road trip, but I'd so much rather be a lazy daisy and sleep on the beach all day.

    55 days!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LOVE your earrings! Shweet! Sounds like things are really bookin along!

  9. angie- i'll check with Ry and email you. not sure what he did just glad its done :)

    Lizzie- thansk again! It feel sgood to check things off again after a hiatus of not checking anything off