Monday, June 7, 2010

operation: fit into dress, commences

Lady Grace kinda sucks. There I said it. The woman who "helped" me? Terrrrible! She was really rude and kept saying things like 'you know the bra you're wearing doesn't fit you right (I thought it looked nice!)?" and "wow didn't you wait until the last minute to go shopping (nuh uh!)" and "one of your boobs is bigger than the other ( never noticed, thanks for something new to be self conscious about!)". Also when I told her what I wanted she said ''ya basically that doesn't exist (but David's Bridal told me specifically to get this for my dress) " then seemed exasperated when she asked me about my size and had to measure me (Really? Am I the first one to come in to a flippin' lingerie store that needed to be measured? Sorry Target doesn't measure me when I buy their 2 for 1 specials). So needless to say I did not want to spend $50 on a corset that gave me pointy Madonna breasts, especially since the lady was so snippy and judgy. On the way out, I wanted to yell 'You suck and your store is 90% old lady nighties!'. Basically this is what she gave me to try on (but strapless):

So instead we (me and Mom) went to Macy's and bought serious shapewear and bra that actually fits! Its called a "miracle suit" and was actually pretty comfortable (even though I'm probably going to be a sweaty mess wearing it in August). Moving up in the world, baby. Also, we got dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and I got a small salad and didn't even eat the whole thing! Seeing yourself in a crazy huge mirrored dressing room trying on undies did wonders for my appetite!


  1. That bra looks almost exactly like the one that my mom bought me to wear under my prom dress (except mine was strapless). In 1988.

    I haven't had much appetite since I put on a bathing suit for the first time in a year last Saturday. Total understanding from me.

  2. my one boob is bigger than the other. and it makes my nipples look cockeyed.

    tmi, but there. i already said it.

  3. Based on your profile and this post, I can see you and I live very close, if not the very same city, haha. I don't mean that to sound stalkerish, I'm just saying cause I'll be sure to check out your blog for wedding resource ideas and you're welcome to check out mine too :) Thanks for the tip re: Macy's, I have no idea about bridal undergarments and stuff either!

  4. I'm just gonna say it. Lady Grace is a biotch.

    Lisa, you are beautiful and happy and in love. No one should take away that joy from you, especially not some turkey like her. You'll have to let me know which kind of miracle suit you bought (assuming there are other fits) because I'mma need one too. And yes, not looking forward to sweating my ass off in August, either. Hence the reason I am chopping off my hair for the shortest pixie cut evar.

    Hooray for August weddings! Can't wait!

  5. ladies thanks for all your support (pun totally intended)

    sarah- bathing suits suck. I am just going to wear head to toe spanx instead

    elizabeth- not tmi! basically just how it is,who are these girls with perfect boobs? apparently they all shop at lady grace which is why she was so shocked by my girls

    amberdawn- oooh! it is so neat to find someone near me! all my blog ladies seem to live in nearby states but not in mass! where do you live? you can always email me at if you don't feel like posting it ha ha

    angie- totally love that you called her a turkey (cause she is one). I bought this: I love the girl in this picture: why the hell is she wearing spanx? show a girl with curves! lord, ad people are wack. also, love your hair so much. I would loooove a pixie cut but unsure if I can pull it off.

    yay for august girls!

  6. Fabulous, sounds like a great day. I know trying on is one of the most trying (no pun intended) experiences I've heard about. Don't deal with stressful wedding bitches. (sorry, Target doesn't measure me when I buy their two for one deals) Yes! 2 for 1 is fantastic and I got a professional measurement thing at Vicky's Secret once...everytime I try to buy a bra in that size there's always like tons of extra space. TMI, lizzie, TMI.

    Good luck with everything! I'm sure you won't be a sweaty's glistening when it's a worries.

  7. lizzie- glistening?! i love it!

  8. That corset is old school. Pointy bras scare me! Glad you found something better.