Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hi my name is Lisa and even though I may not be blogworthy, I'm okay with it!

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa
(Hi Lisa!)
Its been several months since my last visit to OnceWed

(from here)

Anyone else feeling this way? I....just...can't....do...it...anymore! When I first started planning our wedding, it was a whole different ballgame. Different everything pretty much from dress ideas to table ideas to favors and beyond. And you know what made me drool above all else? Hopefully being featured on (fill in the blank with any number of sites)'s blog. Then eventually those sites wore thin, then I decided 'Well if I'm featured on Once Wed, I will pretty much die...of excitement!' I still have not taken it off my blog reader (in case of what? In case I need to drive myself crazy with another vintage DIY inspired rustic chic magical woodland mason jar centerpiece bonanza? mind you I like every aspect of that, which is why I cannot click on those links). Indie bride sites can be killers too. Like things are "too mainstream" blah blah blah. I feel like I'm back in art school listening to No Doubt while my roommates glares at me and listens to the Faint (no judgments if you like them. my permanent memory of them is and will always be my freshman year roommate)

Now all I read are amazing girls' blogs like hers or hers or hers or hers ( I can't even count all the amazing ladies blogs I visit...yes I spend a lot of time online)

And I couldn't be happier!

Now lets all go and (finish) plan(ing) our super cool rockin tipsy (or drunken) wonderfully decorated quirky unique cheesy goth hipster vintage rustic trendy modern lovey dovey day. I heard it goes by really fast. Lets have a good one and the only thought we're allowed to have when we look in the mirror is "Damn! I look amazing"*

*If anyone disagrees or voices a different opinion, I give you full permission to kick them in their naughty bits


  1. Haha! Love this post through and through. And I can't tell you how much bloggy love I gots for good old Craft My Bride!

    "super cool rockin tipsy (or drunken) wonderfully decorated quirky unique cheesy goth hipster vintage rustic trendy modern lovey dovey day"

    Yes! I love this! How OBB of you! Oh and Lisa, you forgot steampunk. Always have to include the steampunk!! Haha!

  2. And you are SO blogworthy and fabulous!

  3. "vintage DIY inspired rustic chic magical woodland mason jar centerpiece bonanza"

    I think I died a little. From laughter. Sometimes its like you pluck thoughts right out of my head! LOVE IT!

    I agree, you are amazingly blogworthy. :)

    (the link love made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. !!)

  4. Whatever. I'm going to feature my own damn wedding on my own damn blog and say that I was blog worthy since it was on a blog. DONE! and DONE! hahaha!

  5. I'm with Jen on this one: You're clearly blogworthy because your blog is so fun to read! Also between this and the PONY Angie posted yesterday, I am glad I mainly read "amazing girl's blogs" instead of "inspiration blogs."

  6. My name is Katherine and it's been several weeks since my last visit to Style Me Pretty.

    I giggled at the "(in case of what? In case I need to drive myself crazy with another vintage DIY inspired rustic chic magical woodland mason jar centerpiece bonanza? mind you I like every aspect of that, which is why I cannot click on those links)" bit because I am entirely with it too. So I have pretty indie wedding blog tastes. So it goes.

    I'm doing all right now with mostly just the same crafty/lifestyle blogs I always liked before, just searching through those projects for items that are applicable to this big party but really the 'inspiration collecting' does need to end at some point, sadly. I think it's kind of like when you start up a new paper to write and you spend time doing all the formatting and making the cover page--it makes you feel like you're getting a ton done when you're not, really, haha.

  7. You forgot the outdoor magical carnival big top beachy wedding of casual perfection. This was my early obsession.

    I spent many months collecting inspiration until I decided I just couldn't take it anymore. It was making planning more expensive, harder and more unpleasant. I would close down my browser feeling old, fat, frumpy, poor and untalented -- not exactly the feelings that I want to associate with our wedding.

    And then I discovered this whole universe of women who don't just post pretty pictures of young, skinny, white people getting married in fairytale non-smelly no poop on the ground rustic barns that miraculously included electricity, bathrooms and places to wash up and prepare food. Instead they write about stuff. Some of it is important, some of it is nuts-and-bolts wedding planning, some of it is just silly, and sometimes it is illustrated. But I always leave these blogs feeling sharper, and more certain of our own wedding.

    Thanks for the shout-out. And right back at you.

  8. first off- you guys are the freakin best! i love you all!

    Angie- I can't believe I forgot steampunk!!! ha ha ha

    Lisa- of course my fellow Lisa!

    Jen- good point! I am going to feature myself as well :)

    hitchdied- thank you so much! I looove reading your blog so it means a lot. and yes I can't even deal with the awesomeness that is the wedding pony!!!

    KWu- glad youre back! good for you for just collecting what you need. you see i have no willpower and would be lost for hours to intricately made driftwood lighting or something

    sarah- you are so right! i see the words 'beachy casual' very often. they are never casual!!!! yes i hate that these sites make us feel frumpy, we are planning weddings here, stop making us feel less than! I am so so glad to have awesome people like you to read!

  9. Woah. Freaky. This is exactly what my post today is about, the troubles of wedding porn. I actually had to take the inspiration blogs off my blog reader because I was started to overload myself. Like you, I pretty much stick with the blogs of other ladies now. They've said it before, but I'll say it again, you're absolutely blogworthy, to the highest degree.

  10. I am another not-blogworthy bride. I don't have the patience for DIY, I don't have the money for a wedding planner or magical nymphs to decorate my woodload-creature-themed Big Day.

    And I think I'm okay with that too. I'm just having the wedding outside, and when people are like, hey you don't have chair covers OR chivari chairs with little raffia ties and flowers!, I will say HEY LOOK A LAKE and then run. Maybe into the lake.

  11. miss fp- thank you for your kind words! I just read your post too. you are right on the money with that one

    jill- ha ha i love your run into the lake plan. our venue is actually at a lake and my plan involved shoving people into it if things go awry :)

  12. Those blogs used to stress me out. But I would still love to be on one of them too. What is wrong with me??

  13. Oh man, sorry for the delay. I took a break from the internet (much needed, I assure you). Thanks for the shout!

    And to totally agree with Angie, you are definitely blogworthy! Can't wait to see what your wedding looks like..feels like...what not. The most important thing to remember is your authenticity will make your wedding undeniable, and I can think of at least 10 folks you mentioned here who would LOVE to write about your deliciously honest wedding.

  14. mrs.t - i know! me too :) what is wrong with us!?

    lizzie- we all need internet breaks! you are too kind. thank you for your thoughtful words :)

  15. great post - i feel the same way that i'm jaded with the "industry" sites. not just stylemepretty but also ones like weddingbee. seriously, if i hear the terms "nom nom nom" or "i die" again i'll knock out my computer. while at first i was like "sweet 30 brides with different stories", 25 of them started blending together and then i thought that i was the oddball for not having letterpress/maps/elaborate oot bags/pomanders/lanterns/shopped at kleinfelds/one of 3 color schemes/etc.

  16. tamar- i never did the weddingbee thing. and from the sounds of it, maybe that was a good idea! ha ha :)