Saturday, June 5, 2010

favor madness

So I actually did a ton of stuff today! I was in my basement for a good chunk of the day stuffing favors which meant putting giganto marshmallows in tiny bags, tying with bakers twine and putting them in tiny gable boxes with a tealight and wooden stick ( Quick question: should I add a matchbook too? I was thinking those cute little boxed ones. Your thoughts?). Heres what they look like:

First things first: we need to discuss these ridiculous marshmallows.

They are almost the size of apples. They are a good 4 bite marshmallow. I tried to eat them in less and almost choked. Can you imagine the headline? "Deranged DIY bride chokes on enormous marshmallow while attempting to check another item off her Knot to-do list''. Awful! Anyways, first off you have this guy:

There is something creepy about the fact that he is wearing clothes. On top of that it is that creepy mascot eating its own kind thing. Not only is he roasting one of his own on a stick, he is wearing a shirt of a marshmallow on fire. Serious self loathing!

Next we have this tagline:

I just love it because it makes me think that they must think somewhere someone calls regular marshmallows 'tiny roasters'.

Clearly, I have had waaaaay too much sugar today.


  1. lol on creepy mascot. I concur

  2. We had those last time we went camping [read: sleepover at a cabin in the woods with food cooked on fire. A lot of people think it is disingenuous that I call this camping because there are hot showers and climate control involved.] They are stupidly too big. we ended up using half of one for each s'more and it was still too much!

  3. Total self loathing! Haha! That guy scares me a little bit.

    But doesn't scare me enough to keep me away from those mallows.

  4. i WANT one of them marshmellows

  5. jesselyn- thanks for your support on the creepy mascot front

    hitchdied- stupidly big is a grat way to describe them

    angie & rachel- i wish he scared me enough to keep me away. but alas I have eaten too many

  6. I say yes to matches. I also need some of those MEGA marshmallows - they look so good!

    P.s. Sorry I've been a bad blog friend lately. Catching up today - so you get random comments all over the place!