Thursday, June 10, 2010

in defense of davids (and more!)

I wrote a little about this already in the comments section of A Los Angeles Love the other day. But I really had an awesome experience at David's Bridal. When I first went to try on a dress, I went to a little boutique down the Cape (Cape Cod for any non-Mass residents reading this). It was having a sale where all dresses were $400. Except that they weren't. That only included sample sales and even then not really. The one guy (who I believe owned the shop) kept trying to convince me I wanted different styles then I did and it was so awkward and I felt bad leaving not buying anything even though I didn't like anything, nothing fit me super well and everything was way out of my price range. Then I went to Davids and found an amazing dress (super affordable, style was just what I wanted). The women there made me feel awesome and beautiful and I could not have been happier. This morning I went for a fitting and everyone was wonderful. I got there at 10 and they did not open until 11. Someone had accidentally scheduled me for an hour earlier than they opened. They still saw me and said I was beautiful and made sure I was fully aware of the charges of the fitting. Again, awesome. I understand that not every store has amazing employees (doesn't that go for any store?) just like I understand that there are certainly boutiques that are probably amazing too! All I'm saying is I'm not a size 2 and I'm not flawless by any means, but the David's store I went to made me feel that way.

In other news: went to the venue today with my aunt aka my other mom aka my florist had her little planner with her and we did some floral figuring out. They also had tables set up so I got a better sense of how it will look the day of. Needless to say,!!!!

and finally a list:
- finish buying/making out of town gift bags
- finish buying gifts for everyone related to wedding/thank yous
- pick day for my sister to do hair/make up trial
- make something to give the little kids at the wedding (bucket with coloring book, crayons?)
- call caterer and have them fax license to venue
- hope a particular etsy vendor comes back from vacation so I can buy these earrings for the wedding:

- figure out wedding help (figure out who can help and what I need help with, mostly setting up day of...volunteers: I will need you soon! I love you all!)

Also, did I mention I needed to have my dress taken in a little? Woo!


  1. Ok, firstly, those earrings ROCK! I did the kids table thing, too, and it worked out great. Coloring books, army guys, a princess tiara. And by the time you finish buying all the gifts for everyone, you will wonder do you really have that many friends and family?? Its coming down to it! YAY!

    p.s. alterations in a smaller direction ought to make you feel pretty awesome!

  2. WOAH! I kinda want to get my ears pierced just so I can wear those earrings! those are amazing!
    And I actually visited Davids and had a good experience too. Nice people. Didn't actually buy anything, so I can't comment on that.

  3. Wooo! Dress taken in!! Did you have a one-minute-dance-party when they told you!? Those earrings are fantastic...

    Some stores-in-general (not even just bridal) just get it. The employees get it, the management gets it, the owners get it....The experience of trying on your wedding gown is such a huge part of the whole wedding experience.

    I went with my mom to try on dresses once at this bitchy boutique and when I went back to Illinois to visit, the place was closed down. I threw a little inside-party...because bad service should have repercussions besides calling the BBB.

    Anyways, getting your dress taken in = fab. Glad you got to check out the venue!

  4. Lisa- Thanks for the kids advice. The whole gift thing is so nuts but I do want to thank everyone for helping! I cannot wait to see your pictures!

    Jen- I know! I want those earrings so bad. As I was leaving Davids yesterday they said 'thanks for being so nice' which made me think. I went to the website for this particular branch and it was full of scathing reviews. Sometimes its the brides (I'm sure not everyone on staff is as sweet as pie or can get along with each customer too)

    Lizzie- I was psyched! Of course it had to be taken in the boob region, which means I did lose weight since I always seem to lose it there first. That is awesome about the bad place too. Its karma, definitely!

  5. Those earrings are so good! p.s. I can be a helper of course! Put me on the list. You don't want me anywhere near your hair though. We've learned that the hard way. Though to be fair, those scissors were really dull.... Love you!

  6. oh liz, sweet memories of bang cutting. yay for helping! thank you my dear! you may have to help me figure out the helping situation for everyone else too :)

  7. Ooh. Those earrings are so cute. Kids' tables are great. If you look online at Oriental Trading or Birthday Express, you can find great goody bags that co
    e with everything you need. Get some girl and some boy themed ones. They will have: a toy, stickers, temporary tattoos, coloring book and crayons, and usually a small playdoh and rolling pin. Add some kid friendly drinks a d snacks and you're good to go. One pieceof advice: don't put the candy or sodas on the table, and make sure you're serving snacks that don't have nuts. There may be kids with dietary restrictions you don't know about, and kids will grab anything if given the chance.

  8. I will help you with the helping!

  9. LOVE the earrings, hope you get them in time! Congratulations, I hope your day goes just beautifully!!

  10. chelsea- me too! thank you!!!

  11. Digging those earrings! Get them Stat!

  12. Hi Lisa! I am Eva, of mysweetmuse, a reader just emailed me about this blog post and I'm just writing to let you know that I am back from Vacation mode and have the 'Pretty Posie' earrings in stock! Feel free to email me at: and hopefully we can get these earrings to you ASAP!! xoxo Thanks for the lovely compliments!! You can see more vintage flower jewels at my facebook fan page too: :D

  13. mrs t- thanks! i know, I adore them

    mysweetmuse- I am so glad you are back! I will be ordering soon!