Saturday, June 12, 2010

kind of sick of shopping, doing things

Couple things:

First, I had a dream last night that my best friend through me another bridal shower but this time a million people came and it involved relay races. Oh, and Aziz Ansari was there!

Also, did some more shopping for the bridesladies gifts. Did some more shopping for out of town gift bags. Did some more shopping for bathroom baskets ( I am going to put baskets in the bathrooms with stuff like sunscreen, bobby pins, bug spray, mints, gum, etc). Now I just need to go to the dollartree and buy a ridiculous amount of baskets (I am not shelling out $$ for baskets that no one will notice or care about!). I also need to make a couple more signs like one for the guestbook table, one to welcome guests, one for favors. Also I tried to make a list today of what needs to be done the morning of so I can figure out who to "assign" the decor to:

1- garlands- hung on walls, possibly on banisters (depending how much I make). The tables are also pretty small so instead of putting the paper pinwheels on the tables, I think I might make a garland with them too (need to string together!)
2- tissue paper poms- hung from ceiling posts (need to make)
3- tables- table numbers (made!), centerpieces, baskets of snack appetizers (need to buy), stamped bibs (made!)
4- flags (put the "hooray" flags to wave at the ceremony in little holders beside the benches, which reminds me I need to buy holders)
5- guest book table- sign (need to make), postcards, pencils (both bought!)
6- diy photobooth- hang fabric (bought!), put out camera and timer (need to get timer), sign (need to make!)
6- favor table- sign (need to make!), favors (might still be tweaking)
7- bathroom baskets- (need to finish!)
8- kids baskets? (buckets, artsy stuff like sketchbook/roll, crayons,etc)

I'm sure there's other things but I can't think of any right now! Also, Ryan handled the bartender part of things so one more thing done. Woo!

How are you guys holding up? Hows your weekend going?


  1. you are so organized! i need to make some lists like this!

  2. Whoa! Get it girl!

    And right before I saw your new post in my reader I said to Josh, "I'm kinda sick of (insert numerous wedding related things here)." Haha!

  3. Actually the second bridal shower that I'm planning involves javelin throwing, not relay races. And matching track jackets.

  4. You sound organized and mostly ready.

    I think by the time our wedding rolls around, I will have worked on it and thought about it so much, that I will just feel like, "Alright, let's get this overwith, I'm ready to move on."

  5. to all- I like making lists but sometimes add to them way before checking anything off. The organize-ness is a disguise! BWAHAHAHA!

    thanks for your sweet words!!!!

    liz- I'm psyched for the javelin! I just need to find my 7th grade gym clothes...

  6. woah, i'm just catching up on your blog and your diy list is impressive! you go, girl. i can't wait to see all the pix of your projects.

  7. giovanna- thank you! you are too nice :)