Wednesday, June 30, 2010

mo lists, mo problems

1- disposable cameras? purchased! thanks mom! (quick question: Am I crazy to cover their little cardboard outfits they come in with this nice patterned paper I bought? Should I just leave them be?)

2- 4 packs of crayons for activity sheets? purchased and on their way!

3- activity sheets? completed!

4- additional signs made? hey, I'm workin on it!

(sign for table with s'mores favors...thats hot stuff, by the way in case you were wondering the name of the comic character)

(sign for postcard "guestbook" table....image is a hella old green lantern)

5- eye appointment? made, follow up scheduled and freaky contacts being worn! there is something so strange about wearing contacts since I haven't in about 5 years. I spent yesterday adjusting my glasses (you know? pushing them up on my nose?) and there were no glasses there. I also feel like 'oh thats what I look like???' when I can see my face without glasses. In glasses news however, totally getting some new ones which I am beyond jazzed about (2 for $99, I am all over that shizit!)

thats all I got folks! we're inching ever closer to the elusive friday and my birthday is this weekend!

p.s. To those of you emailing me (you know who you are!): You are super rad and have made my week!


  1. I love the Hot Stuff poster. Seriously awesome.

  2. sarah- thanks so much! apparently that was Ryan's dad favorite comic growing up so I like that part of it too :)

  3. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    I am super jazzed for you and Ry!

    And pushing up the invisible glasses on your nose is pretty funny. I'm
    sure it'll take some time to adjust too. Josh wears glasses and
    sometimes he'll walk around with them on head like, "Where's my
    glasses????" And I'm all,"What are you? 80?" Oh glasses....

    You are pushing through and getting things done and done! Amazing!
    It's hardcore inspiring me to get back to our list, too. We were
    planning to do it after this weekend (aka your birthday weekend!), but
    I may need to start a little sooner.

    Cheers to us, our dudes, August, glasses, hella old green lanterns,
    and doing things our way! Oh, and to BBQ! Duh!


  4. Damn GIRL you are on your way, huh!? I say don't give yourself the extra headache by decorating the cameras, BUT it would be a super cute touch. If you decide you have a secret reserve of energy a-waiting to be used, then DO IT.

    Your superhero wedding is really...really...REALLY Wicked. I love those details, and it's gonna be a FUN and great day. You guys are awesome.

  5. Depends what the cameras currently look like! If you hate them, cover them up. If they're a B but the paper is an A, maybe not worth your time?

  6. love love love your signage! it's friggin' awesome!

  7. Tick, tick, tick! Yay!

    Your wedding is going to be so fun and just plain awesome!

    Love the favor sign.

  8. i just wrote really long comments to all of you and my computer deleted them! argh.

    let me just start off by saying how awesome you guys are and how much I adore you all!

    angie- me and josh are 80 year olds kindred spirits ha ha. thank you for your sweet words (and birthday wishes). there will be much toasting!

    lizzie- thank you for your kind words! thats what I'm thinking too. burst of energy= cameras done. no burst, no decorations :)

    tamar- thanks a million!

    miss c- youre too nice! thank you!

  9. Can we talk about how you're getting married NEXT month?!?!?! AHHH!!! So excited! Hopefully the insurance woes will somehow resolve themselves. :( Thanks for the well-wishes! Hope things are well with you!