Wednesday, June 16, 2010

anyone else feel like they're getting ready for the prom?

So I went over my mum's tonight and my sister did my hair and make up trial. Something about the whole experience felt very prom-y to me (probably because I don't feel grown up enough to be getting married?). I half expected to throw a tiara on and jump in my friend's minivan with my high school date.

(don't be hatin' on my stylish work outfit, you know you love my sweater vest...also, not sure if you can see but she did a french braid across the top of my head and half way around my head too which I loved)

(close up with my hair piece)

I would just like to mention how much I completely adore my sister and how totally psyched I am that she is doing my hair and makeup. She did a fabulous job and we talked and gossiped and drank Marylou's coffee and ate sesame chicken (aka candy chicken) while my mom snapped pictures.

These are the moments that get me soooooo jazzed for the wedding day.


  1. Beautiful hair piece! And you have gorgeous eyes!

    This makes me totally psyched for you, too. I was MOH for my cousin and did her hair and makeup, and it was so much fun. You are going to have an awesome time with your sister getting ready. :)

  2. Angie- thanks dear! I feel so strange without my glasses so that made me feel so good that you would say that! I am so excited to be with my lovely ladies on the morning of.

    p.s. I showed my sister your post about your dress because I had to show her how gorg the dress! She agrees its amazing!

  3. I did feel very prommy! Maybe because in my part of town it's ridiculous how over-the-top people get. Ya know? Love the braid!

  4. Diggin the feather's! Way to rock em!

    And that sounds like so much fun to be able to get ready with your sister! What a nice way to spend the earlier parts of the wedding day!

  5. Very cool hairpiece thing. I'm not looking forward to figuring out the whole hairdo thing just yet.

    I like the braid.

  6. lookin hotttt.

    the only thing i remember about getting ready for prom is crying because i couldn't get my cat-eye eyeliner even. bahaha.

  7. That is awesome! Loving the sweater vest and your hairpiece haha. You are too funny! Glad you're getting to bond with your sister over the experience!

  8. Love the braid. You look super cute.

  9. thanks everyone! I'm glad both the braid and hairpiece are thumbs up :)

    also, my sister rules!