Wednesday, June 2, 2010

long overdue post*

some things I love about my soon to be husband:

- I love his laugh. It is the best when something makes him really laugh. I still get so excited when I make him laugh too
- I love how sweet he is. It always seems on days I feel the dumpiest/most haggard/like a chub, he looks at me and says ' You look nice today'. Whether he senses my down-in-the-dumps attitude or is simply being sweet, I do not know ( but I guess it doesn't matter does it?)
- I love how much he likes music and reading (I also love how he is very seasonal on what he reads and listens to)
- I love how when he is cleaning out the upstairs (backstory: we currently live in his grandmothers house), he brings down boxes for me of stuff I might like. Its like going to an awesome thrift store, everyday!
- I love how he doesn't care that I go to bed super early and watch awful tv and often when I'm 'reading' a book, its a cookbook (I read too! I swear!)
- I love that we are getting married and that he is putting up with me during all this wedding to-do baloney.
- I totally love his beard

That is just a snippet too. I am a lucky gal.

*I thought I needed to write a post like this after seeing several other sweet ones and spending last night buying mini wooden sticks (to put in my diy roast your own marshmallow favors which people are probably going to look at, maybe say 'awww' then eat the marshmallow and toss the rest)


  1. nice to ignore the fondant and lace for a bit to get back to the basics, no? :)

  2. liz- it is nice! I always want to post about gardening and cooking but I never know if peoplewill be like "umm isn't this a wedding blog about you making stuff not cooking and eating??"

    jen- i love them. can't get enough

  3. Lovely post.

    I think it's your blog and you can post about whatever you want.

  4. He brings down boxes for you of little antiquey treasures to explore!!!! That is just too freaking cute.

    Love is awesome :)

  5. sarah- thank you! i think i will :)

    angie- isn't it? also, I feel like I should incorporate that into our vows

  6. I hate to break this to all you ladies, but this is all made-up. I've never laughed or smiled, I am too lazy to carry anything, and I couldn't grow a beard if I tried.

  7. awww! (@rjt - lies)

    I love this tradition...Isaiah and I do a daily: "say one thing nice about yourself physically and one thing about your 'isms'" It makes every day just a bit better.

    Putting up with the wedding bologna is a big deal! It shows that he totally enjoys you and what makes you happy (or, in the case of weddings, you obsess whether you want to or not)! Sweet post!

  8. This post is so sweet! Yay for love.