Sunday, June 20, 2010

wearing the same dress twice and drinking wine alone aka my weekend

So how was your weekend all? I should start off by saying, rather reminding you, that I am kinda crazy. So basically I have been obsessing about the plethora of wedding events I have this summer (have I mentioned my sister-in-laws and my fiancee's cousin and our photographer and our officiant are all getting married this summer?). Me and Ry looked at the calendar and we officially have some event every weekend until our wedding. Eek! So they are many wedding events in the works. Needless to say, I have been freaking out about what to wear to these events. I have been picking up basically every dress on clearance I see that even looks slightly good on me (this is getting pricey people. Well this is coming from someone who is like "30 dollars for a dress!? OUTRAGEOUS! So clearly take it with a grain of salt...or an entire saltlick). Then when I go to the events I feel like everyone can tell I am wearing a $15 dress from target's junior section and earrings from charlotte russe. Also, I felt like a schlub wearing the same dress I wore to my shower to my sister in law's shower. I know on one level, no one will care or probably even notice but I totally freak out about it. So I wore the same outfit and of course no one noticed or atleast no one said anything. I did panic and buy a dress for the father's day cook out we threw (Target again). Again feeling nervous. Anyone else ever feel this way???

P.S. Also, I made huge pitcher of sangria which no one drank but me. I wish you guys lived closer and I would invite you all over for some! Anyone reading this who lives nearby: open invite to drink with me and help with last minute wedding necessities!

P.P.S. She's back! Yipee!


  1. I tend to worry most about wearing the same dress to events that I know will have (a) a lot of the same people and (b) photographers. It's silly really. How many people will actually line up photos of me from different events to show me that I need more clothes? I mean besides mean people, of course.

    I am wearing a dress I bought at Target right now. Your shower dress was cute. Go with it.

  2. Sarah-

    ha ha oh god. that thought of people lining up my pictures haunts my nightmares!

    and as always thank you for your kind words :)

  3. yeah, i'm a big fan of one dress for a wedding season. no need to get crazy...just wear different accessories, or tights one day, bare legs the next. :)
    also, i wish i was closer, because homemade sangria sounds awesome!

  4. I love Charlotte Russe. And I have no problem with wearing the same dress twice. If they were meant to be disposable they'd make them out of paper ;)

  5. giovanna- good idea! also, I wish it was shippable! i'd send you some :)

    amberdawn- me too. their stuff is cheap and too cute. also, good point :)

  6. I love Sangria!!! And if we all lived in the same city, I'm sure we'd cause a ruckus in our Target dresses and other purchases from Marshalls. (Yes, you are alone, Lisa!)

    A wedding/event every weekend? Sounds like our summer. We're trying to hard to squeeze in trips to the beach in between weddings/birthdays/etc. Damn, remember the days when summer meant playing outside all day, week long vacations and sleeping in? Bleh.

    And we are totally re-wearing dresses and suits for our summer weddings! Cheers to being frugal!

  7. Oh, sangria. So good!

    I love Target.

    I am recycling dresses from like 5 years ago though!

  8. angie- yay for ruckus causing! I miss the days of summer camp. Maybe next summer we should have a summer camp for ladies who spent their whole previous summer getting ready for weddings? double cheer for frugality! hip hip hooray!

    miss c- ha ha me too. I just get nervous that I'm being judged if I wear the same one over and over