Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Friday! (And some special shout outs)

Woooo! Happy Memorial Day weekend all! I have a half day at work today than a three day weekend! Thank Goooodddd. This week was a killer. What are you guys up to? I hoping to get some crafting done, finish the table numbers, actually spend time outside (heavens!) and hang out with friends.

Oh and did I mention our anniversary is this weekend? Yes its true. It was 5 years ago when I was graduating college over Memorial Day weekend ( and sick with mono but that's a different tale...worst tonsilitis ever!). Also, did I mention its the first year I remembered? Yes I am a bad person. I don't know why it is so hard for me to remember but my mind is probably full of love mush from that magical summer. So Ry: I love you to pieces. Thanks for sticking it out with me so long and heres to more years of magical summers.

And of course, congrats to another Lisa who gets married tommorrow! Your wedding will be amazing and it will be a total blast! Take a serious break from making things after this one :)

Good luck to anyone else getting married this weekend! Have an amazing day!

from when we were first dating...


  1. Yay me! (but our wedding is sunday. :) you know me, I can't do anything predictable like have my wedding on a saturday. hehe)

  2. btw - you two are really stinkin' cute.

  3. Lisa-

    when I saw 1 day left on your countdown, I of course neglected to count the remaining hours as well! sorry about that! Congrats and good luck on Sunday!

  4. that picture is too damn adorable! couple of hams, you two!and congrats on celebrating 2 anniversaries this weekend!

    i actually have a cold, but i'm hoping it won't impact my four day weekend. right now i'm doing some chores while the cats follow me around the house. you know how that goes!

    happy friday and happy memorial day weekend!

  5. Love that photostrip! You two are so cute.