Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the other dresses

If any of you are like me and have a million wedding to attend in the next coming months along with you own, get thee to the nearest Target! They have some super sweet dresses* (even Zac Posen!) I bought:

(all images via target.com)

* please don't judge me for buying a 'junior' dress (top one). its wicked cute

also, did I mention I only spent about $60?!


  1. Oh my Josh! I have wedding #1 this Saturday... then 5 more to follow. Not including ours. I feel your pain, Lisa.

    And don't feel bad about hitting up the Junior section... I was going to hit up Forever 21. :)

  2. I buy dresses from the Junior section all the time. One of the main reasons I fear aging is that the more wrinkles I have on my face the less acceptable it will be for me to waltz into Forever 21. Until I get old enough that people can assume I'm shopping for my teenage daughter, that is. Mwa ha ha!

  3. I have the navy blue version of that first dress!! i love it so so much, but unfortunately I fear it is simply too short for me. I was able to live in denial while it was still cold enough to wear with tights or leggings, but now that it is real, true dress weather, i don't think i can wear it out of the house without exposing the world to my underoos. Oh, to be a couple inches shorter!

  4. ha ha I wouldn't have to buy junior dresses if :
    1- they weren't so cute
    2- they weren't so cheap
    3- good size for me( I am 5 feet even, peeps)

    angie- it is like wedding madness over here. our officiant, photographer, Ryan's cousin and a couple of his friends get married in July. Then we have both his sisters' weddings after ours. This is not counting the various bridal showers, etc. Good luck with your events too!

  5. @lisa- holy crap. that's a lot of target gift cards you gotta buy! (us too!) haha!

  6. lol. I have the first one too. And it is really short but I am 5 foot two as well so I wear it with heels and people go "OMG Jesselyn, you have legs!"

  7. Why would I be judging you?? That dress is awesome

  8. These dresses are darling! Congrats on your engagement!