Thursday, May 13, 2010

alright, alright

okay, time to get serious: I need to address my invites tonight. What has been keeping me from doing it thus far?

1- laziness
2- sleepiness
3- laziness and sleepiness
4- episodes of Chapelle show that needed to be watched for the millionth time (and clearly needed my full attention!)
5- hanging out with my cat*

*I need to clarify. I always hang out with the kit-cats however, one of them is not as snuggly (I'm sorry "snuggly" is a word, spell-check). This is compared to the two boy cats who basically want to climb into my womb. So last night, she (Tinker) decided to be my best friend of all time and she was all about hanging out. So clearly, this took precedence to anything else on my plate.

Tonight: No excuses! Lets do this thing.

***also, did I mention I got flowers at work yesterday from my 'cat'? I love my guy to pieces. It took me totally by surprise and, as I told him yesterday, it elevated his status to 'super stud' according to my co-workers.


  1. Flowers from your cat?! AWESOME!

    And all 5 of those things are spectacular! I can't decide which one I like the most... probably laziness, but don't tell my cats that.

  2. The boy and I both get gifts from our dog! I'm glad we're not the only ones that do this. :) We, too, have been putting off the addressing of the invites.

  3. ugh. one of my least favorite wedding-related jobs.

  4. Snuggly is so a word! Your man is awesome - love that he made the cat send you flowers!