Monday, May 3, 2010

fail or win?

So I finished assembling, lining, stamping and stuffing the invites. All that's left is addressing. But I did stumble upon something as I put them together which made me have to go back through them and do some 'editing'.

So here is the page I photocopied to use as the envelope liners. I just flipped through the comic and found it at random:

Pretty good right? Lots of stuff happening, good color. So I cut it into strips and lined just the top half of the envelopes. As I got near the end, I actually read some of the dialog (which looks particularly bad when cut off):

So I had to do some copy/pasting as not to cause great aunts to think less of me. Otherwise, it is fairly hilarious.

What do you think? Fail or win?


  1. Your comic themed invites are the cutest! What comic is that page from?

  2. WIN! EPIC WIN!!! Haha.. that guy in the ponytail is a smooth talker!

  3. Bwahaha! Love the smooth operator. Is this a Mary Worth cartoon?

  4. its from superman's wedding!

    angie- ha ha I know right? I haven't read the actual comic so I don't know why someone is both crashing Louis Lane's bridal shower than attempting to pick her up. In what situation would that work??

  5. Win. I think it's kind of funny