Sunday, May 16, 2010

wait they don't love you like i love you aka maps

so I did finish addressing my invite minus one or two whose addresses/zip codes are missing but I have a real reason why it took so long to do this. I have been waffling over doing directions/maps because I thought I was fine telling people to check our wedding website. However, we have gotten several wedding invites in the past week or so and all of them had directions, so I decided to make these today and just print them myself at home on cardstock:

'cause if you plan on driving up to our venue in anything other than the batmobile, just turn around.

(also, did you guys have a good weekend? I did! It was filled with lots of non wedding but super fun things like cookouts and picnics!)


  1. weekend = awesome! sun = my best friend!

    on directions, I don't think my family actually checks our website. So to save myself lots of last minute phone calls, we are including directions. And since its pretty easy to print out, go for it!

  2. Yes!! Now I can humm the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to myself instead of.... "this song will become the anthem of...."

    Wooo! New song!

    Glad you had a fun non-wedding weekend!!!