Wednesday, May 5, 2010

geek love

So we want to have table numbers so it will make it easier for the buffet style food at the wedding. No assigned seating but I will need to make about 20 or so table numbers (the more the merrier, I can probably put sign at various areas like food, photobooth, etc). So an idea I had was to use comic images and to put numbers with them (the comic theme is obv all over the invites but really nowhere else). I was thinking along the lines of this:

(image from here)

I would love to use the line images and then put numbers with them. I love that image of the head and the lightning. Can I just add that me and Ryan first got together over music not comics (Elvis Costello if you're wondering)? I had never read a comic before him. Now I do read the occasional graphic novel or indie comic. I was thinking it would be cool to use images from books I love too. For example:

(craig thompson's goodbye chunky rice image from here)

(daniel clowes...i think from 'like a velvet glove cast in iron'? image from here)

(jamie hernandez's maggie and hopey from love and rockets image from here)

or Adrian Tomine or Gilbert Hernandez or Charles Burns, etc etc etc

Ryan asked me the other day if I was going to regret having a wedding with superhero elements and I said no. The more I think about it, the more excited I am to have a wedding that is totally us. There's been a lot of talk about how no one's wedding is unique lately and I totally agree with that. I am finding that the less I worry about having the most 'unique crafty wedding to end all weddings', the more excited I am.


  1. OMG, Lisa. I can't wait to see this. I have NEVER seem a superhero themed wedding EVER and I think it would really blow folks away with how awesome and cohesive it is. You have quite a vision, lady! So far it looks like it's going to kick ass!

  2. I think the wedding should reflect the time of your lives you are in now. Not what you think you'd like to look back on when you're old.

    The more "you" it is, the better the memories will be :)

    The Groomie has an unhealthy obsession with Batman. He will of course be wearing Batman cufflinks on the day.

  3. There were things I regretted about my first wedding -- the dress, the groom -- but if you are marrying the right person, the joy and pride you feel about the wedding you make that reflects the both of you as you are will continue.

    On a side note, I love the superhero stuff. Of course, we go to Comic-Con San Diego every year, so I'm probably biased toward letting the Geek flag fly.

  4. shut the f- up! :) this is the best idea ever! my boyfriend would looove you. you're never ever going to regret having a wedding with superhero elements. just that sentence alone is going to make your wedding cool forever.

  5. Hi. My name is Erika. I am getting married at Camp Kiwanee this summer as well. And we are using Babycakes! I am so in love with their cupcakes! Your wedding sounds amazing!

    Good Luck!

  6. ladies- you guys are ridiculously kind. thank you!

    erika- kindred spirit! that is so crazy!

  7. I think your wedding is going to kick ass. I love that it's YOU guys. Isn't that the whole point!?

  8. can you wear a cape down the aisle?