Tuesday, May 18, 2010

cue the creepy music

(image via here)

So....... who else is feeling this? The right before-the-Freddy or Jason-gets-you kinda eerie calm feeling? I mailed my invites today. I was freakin' out the other day because there is a typo and the type is pretty small on the directions. But I gave the invites out to my co-workers today and you know what? They totally loved them. They actually asked me to make color copies of the rsvp card to keep before they filled them out and gave them to me. Also they are also going sans significant others and are going to just go as a group instead, which is pretty rad. This also goes to show that I need to stop doing things like pointing out flaws in things I make because people might not notice them otherwise. So ya I'm feeling pretty good now. 40 things left to do on my knot list!? I can do that with my eyes closed. Somehow 75 things to do on the project wedding list? I can do that up too, it will take slightly longer for some reason but I can handle it. I am feeling re-energized, people. This weekend is visiting the cupcake people (and i'm sure nibbling a bite or two of their delicious cakes) and Sunday is bridal/ crafty shower. I....am....psyched!

I should probably start pre-gaming now.


  1. so great!! they WERE awesome...sooo

  2. Yes! Pregame for cupcakes!! I suggest a cold glass of milk, just don't chug it! Sounds like you're in a good place. Hopefully I can meet you there! I may regret saying this, but... I want the creepy music too!

    And that's awesome your co-workers are so pumped for your wedding! w00t!

  3. How cool that your coworkers are so excited for your wedding!

    I love the idea of a craft shower. I'm trying to think of DIY projects that my kids can help with. I might have them help me paint the wedding sign. The backwards letters will be a nice touch. :D

  4. This reminded me of you http://www.stylemepretty.com/gallery/photo/53305

  5. rachel- you are too sweet. thank you

    angie- those cupcakes don't stand a chance against me

    angie & sarah- I know ! I am really excited they want to come!

    crystal- thanks for the link! that bouquet is awesome