Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things On My Mind

1. I need a new super fun poppy sing-a-long cd for hot sticky summer days. Suggestions??*

2. I need to buy salad dressing that will make me eat salad but not plump me up. Suggestions??

3. my bestest friend

5. the BEST returned rsvp card yet!

It totally made my day! I mean really, how great is this???

* sorry for the crazy use of question marks


  1. Made my day too! I knew those invites would be a smash hit! I think I started reading your blog around the same time those were created. So wonderful to see them utilized, doodled on and loved!

    And a salad dressing? We use Ken's 1 Carb Italian. It's okay. Sometimes I'll just use red wine vinegar alone or lemon juice.

  2. I love balsamic vinegar. They make this salad dressing in a spray bottle - not sure what brand sorry - but you spray it on - uses heaps less and coats everything.

    I've been meaning to make a happy mix CD too. Will let you know if I ever actually do it.

    P.s. Those RSVP cards are so Rad. I wouldn't want to send mine back to you!

  3. This gave me a huge smile - love the RSVP, your Aunt and Uncle have the right idea! :)

  4. that is super cool. HILARRRRRRR!

  5. I use plain old olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It never fails me and is very good for you (heavier on the balsamic than the vinegar).

    Love your RSVP. Sigh. Aunties are so much fun.

  6. 1. MATES OF STATE!!! any of their cds, really.

    2. i tend to use olive oil & lemon juice or the low-fat pamesan ranch dressing from the refrigerated section at trader joe's. i also use goddess dressing because i use such a tiny bit - like, half-a-serving's worth, but i dunno, maybe other people like to load that stuff on.

  7. thanks ladies! you guys really are the sweetest:)

    also, we should all do a mix tape exchange. that would be incredible and would give me another thing to do to put off doing wedding stuff I am avoiding!

    also julie- good idea about mates of state! they totally remind me of my roommate in college. also you must be a mindreader because I just bought Trader Joes dressing!

  8. The new Mumford and Sons CD is FANTASTIC! We listened to the whole thing over and over again in Ireland and there were no complaints from the family.