Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Bonus Post!

That's right peeps. A bonus post! So here's what I've been up to but here's a couple thoughts first:

1- thank you to everyone who has already rsvp'd to our wedding. Way to be quick! (thank you Jen for the extra 'woot, woot' at the bottom of the card too :)
2- I love having a 'rustic and artsy' wedding since anything I make that looks weird I can just call 'rustic and artsy'

So, I did some painting on my faux cake topper (since we have no cake it'll just be hanging out near the cupcakes. I made one just because I love cake toppers and wanted to include us and our cats).

So there's an image of the whole thing then a close up of the cats. I bought siamese porcelain cats and repainted them with porcelain paint to look like our kit-cats. Heres some pictures of the real guys for reference:

Tinker and Pirate having a dance-off

Beets in the manger

I am very happy how they turned out. I haven't finished detailing me or really painted Ry at all since I am not sure sure of his outfit/ hair style of the big day and don't want to force him into anything by painting it (ex. you have to match the cake topper! ha ha)

Also, I finished gluing the eyelet fabric to the vases. I am stoked since I was putting this off for whatever silly reason. I am also so glad that I have these storage boxes that I ordered the vases in since it will make transporting the flowers easier.

Can I also just say I am having a fabulous day? First off, I ate half a cupcake for breakfast and solidified cupcake plans with the bakery for 170 cupcakes, half of them will be 'babycake' (basically a super delic hostess) and half red velvet. Then we went on adventures and I picked up some materials to bring to the crafty shower tomorrow. Today was also one of many days where I just looked at Ryan while we were driving around and squeezed his hand and smiled, thinking how excited I am to be marrying this guy. Overall, a very good day so far.

Now off to cut out a zillion fabric circles! I will post pictures after the shower. Hopefully we will get some serious crafting done. We are planning to work on yarn poms, fabric poms and tissue poms. It'll be pom city at my mom's house.


  1. Aw beautiful and cute! What a great way to honor the kitties! can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Yay for progress! The kitties look wonderful.

  3. That might be the cutest cake/non-cake topper I have ever seen! Nicely done!