Monday, May 10, 2010

beware: self deprecating rant

Sometimes when wedding (and/or life) things are stressing me out, I feel like an awkward teen again. Like I'll never be cool enough, thin enough, good enough ( another reason I need to prevent myself from looking at sites like this where the average bride's waist is the size of my forearm. le sigh.). I feel pudgy and uncomfortable in my skin... awww just like I'm a teen again! Also? The stress leads me to breakouts and eating, further driving home the geeky teen chunk within. Sorry for the rant everyone (if you want to know what spurred it on: I was invited to something this summer where I have to wear a bathing suit. effffff.....)

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  1. Lisa, I think you're in my head. Been feeling the same way. I want to share a video with you that another bride, Jen from Me, Myself and Bride shared with me after I wrote my own self-deprecating post. I felt a little better after watching it and I'm sure you will, too.

    And as for bathing suits: My sister and I curvy girls and we love the old school, pin up one pieces. They're a great fit for almost all body types.

  2. You really can't read any of the wedding blogs because only the rich and beautiful are featured there. Have you ever wondered how much money those crazy people spent on their weddings?? I marvel. We all feel that way from time to time.

    And I second the pin-up one piece idea. :)

  3. I think the feeling of regressing to your awkward teen years is universal and explains the enduring popularity of the high school movie genre. I only hope it'll get better with more distance, because sometimes I feel ashamed of regressing in the first place.

  4. I really do understand how you feel. I wish I could help. Although you should remember you have a man and cats who love you.

    That's what helps me.

  5. I loved Teenage Lisa. If it weren't for her, high school (and junior high school!) would have been terrible. Don't hate on Teenage Lisa!

    p.s. I will call you tonight. Love you.

  6. yeah, i feel you.

    stay away from the bloggies with model brides. they just make me feel ick.

  7. I also loved high school Lisa--don't let one bathing suit ruin a good time.

    And those skinny bitches ain't got nothing on you!

  8. I feel like this often and I'm not a bride. It's an everyday fight. I hope that you feel amazing on your wedding and enjoy it. Every bride deserves to feel the very best on her wedding. You will be beautiful because happiness is beautiful.

  9. aw you guys are the best. thanks for the lovely comments left on my crummy mood post :)