Friday, May 7, 2010

it's the freakin weekend baby (i'm about to have me some fun)

Sorry for a fairly uneventful week, folks. Here is a list of things I didn't do:
- call the cupcake people
- actually start working on the table numbers
- address the invites

here what I did do:
- watched ridiculous tv (marathon of billy the exterminator anyone?)
- ate ridiculous food ( you know those days where you apparently forget how to cook and then eat popsicles and cereal instead of dinner? no? well uh not me either)
- and on a wedding note, I think I decided on a father/daughter song.

Now I am not a fan of the whole my dad giving me away business but you know what? I love my dad. He totally rocks. We love to cook together and to talk about music, politics and 30 rock. So I am having him walk me down the aisle and having a father/daughter dance. Now I didn't want basically any song written for this occasion ( no offense to people who love those songs but 'butterfly kisses' creeps me out!). So I googled 'not lame father/daughter dance songs'. No dice. I think it actually googled extra lame ones. I also wanted to make absolutely sure I didn't accidentally pick a song about something crazy inappropriate ala Michael and Maeby singing 'Afternoon Delight'.
(the clip is about 3 minutes 10 seconds in, fyi)

So I decided on Warren Zevon's "Tenderness On the Block" because:

1- warren rules
2-my dad thinks warren rules
3- its not creepy

(I wanted to post a youtube link but no such luck. feel free to listen to jackson browne's acoustic version because thats all youtube's giving ya)


  1. nice! the problem we are having is finding a mother-son song for my FH! do you have this one picked out yet?

  2. ZOMG! The Afternoon Delight karaoke was hilarz!!! (We just finished the last season about an hour ago. Praying for that movie!)

    And yes, so feel you about butterfly kisses. Ew. It reminds me of creepy vans and even creepier men.

    My dad is not walking me down the aisle (we don't have an aisle anyway) and we're not doing a first dance. (Our relationship isn't quite like yours.) But I think if you and Pops love each other so damn much, that love deserves to be honored by an aisle walk and the most asexual song alive.

  3. heather- i know its a replacements song. its escaping em right now

    angie- isn't afternoon delight the creepiest?! arrested development is the absolute best. i love it

  4. ZOMG. Love, love Arrested Development.

    Wait -- that's how I wound up following your blog in the first place!

  5. totally agree on the songs - mucho cheezy songs out there and then mucho danger of accidentally picking some creepy song. That is exactly the kind of boo boo I'd make!

  6. great song! I am working on finding one for my dad & I and for fh and his mom... not an easy task!!!

  7. i am totally with you on not choosing cheesy lame father/daughter dance songs. my dad's straight off the boat from italy, so i'm assuming he's going to go with something italian though.
    and omg, butterfly kisses = shudder. warren zevon = awesome.