Saturday, July 11, 2009

This may be a mistake....

So if you've ever read my blog before you are familiar with the ongoing battle between me using flowers ( for example my love affair with billy buttons) or making them myself (ala Martha's crepe paper or clay flowers). So I did some exploring on wholesale flowers (why you ask? to drive myself crazy? you bet!) and look at all the cool stuff I found! I think if I was to assemble my own bouquets/centerpieces I would look for sunflowers, daisies, billy buttons, ranunculous, fresh herbs, etc etc etc or anything pretty that matches my color scheme and makes me squeal with delight such as:

rosemary found here

daisy poms found here

mint by the bunch found here

and my fav found here. I then did more research and found them here for hundreds less!

I also found lemon leaves sold by the bunch. How crazy awesome would those be?? Needless to say, American Floral Distributors is making me think twice about making my own. The only thing I didn't like was that their website had a woman walk across my screen and start talking to me. I do not like websites with that kind of nonsense! Clearly I am being irrational and picky.

also i don't know the real difference between regular roses and spray roses only that I like spray roses better. And this place has wholesale succulents which is also awesome. They also have most of the other flowers I am looking for including ranunculous (i'm sure I totally spelled that wrong) and how about this guy:

found here

Its flippin gorgeous kale! How pretty!


  1. Whoa, that's a really good deal on the craspedia! Thanks!!