Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's never spend another day apart

So my friends, sorry I have not been writing. I have no real excuses for it either. So here are my new updates:

1. I really want to either make a stamp or order one. I want a monogram and/or our names (I spent way too much time on the other day) which one do you like best?

I also want to make a return address one. I will use those for the invites/ save-the-dates and the other stamps for anything I can get my mitts on.

2. I really want a screenprinting kit

3. I made another dress appointment. Wish me luck!

I also bought one of these:

(image via Michaels)

Being the crazy person I am I have been dreaming about this paper punch. Dreaming about a lace patterned paper punch you say? Yes it is true because I second guess all purchases I make and couldn't decide if it was worth $15. I decided it was for the sheer amount of time I had spent thinking about it. Think of all the fun stuff I can detail with it! The invites! The save-the-dates! The signs for the candy buffet!

(image via elizabeth dye)

This is my other dream... How wonderful are her dresses!

(image via the knot)

I kinda love this hair. Nice and soft looking. Your thoughts?

also, doesn't she kinda look like Maya Rudolph?

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  1. I like the second and third fonts. And I love the lace paper punch. A wise purchase!