Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot Stuff Coming Through!

So I did manage to do a lot from my to-do list this weekend but not all. My new goal is to buy a shredder to shred some of the junk mail I have lying around. I also made these for my boss:

They are crepe paper black eyed susans. I actually have real black eyed susans outside and I have to say they do look pretty similar. I am now leaning more towards buying flowers from some of those wholesale sites however. The only thing that makes me nervous is fresh flowers prices and their shelf life. How early in advance can I order them? When will I have time to assemble them?

Ialso made a trip to Jo-Ann's using a gift card I got for my birthday and bought the following (along with some paper and 2 different kinds of tulle):

I really love the bird and lemon fabric. I only bought half yards of these becuase I wanted to play around making fabric banners before I invest in several yards of the decided fabric. I also bought 2 kinds of the gingham to try to see which one I prefer:

I also looked at the linens and burlap as maybe tablecloth materials for a good base and something fun for the runner. I have to go back to the site and see what kind of tables they have. If they are fine looking I might just do runners, no tablecloths.

And lastly my most important purchase of the day ( and totally worth the $4 i spent on it)

This fabric is from Alexander Henry and is called 'The Wranglers'. My friend has a square of a very similar fabric but these men are camping instead. Now what to make with it....The women are Jo-Ann's fabric were so thrilled I bought this. They were talking about how excited they were when it came in. They suggested a pillowcase for 'sweet dreams'

any other suggestions??


  1. I'm using my two panels to make matching Man-Oven Mitts! Yay Man, Fabric!

  2. That bird fabric is adorable! And ps, I don't know if I said this already, but that dress is **perfect** for you, love it. Were the flowers hard to make? When I first clicked on, I thought they were real. :)

  3. Jill- ha ha man mitts! so good

    Catherine- i love the birds too!
    also, flowers are not hard to make ($5 at walmart!)thank you about the dress too!