Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday? Alright!

(image via once wed)

Once Wed has an amazing tablescape (haha I sound like Sandra Lee!) with all kind of beautiful yellows and milkglass. I have decided if I do use any real flowers I think I will only buy up to 3 kinds that way keeping costs low and making assembly much easier. Probably being:

Ranunculous + billy buttons + daisies

(image from here)

Also ever since trying on my dress I have been exposed to something totally foreign to me: corsets. Wow! They are pretty great! I went to the recommended store's website and love that their products have names like "high silky seamless panty high girdle" which I'm sure is a product but it sounds like something I would call it as a joke. I kinda like the ones that just look like bathing suits and feel if I invest in something that is the way to go.

Sorry for lack of real updates. Once I get started on my flower making, I will post those!!!

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