Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Pleasure and Privilege is Mine

I've got nothing really new to report folks. My boss liked her flowers. Perhaps I will try my hand at making ranunculous before I write off crepe paper flowers completely.

So heres some pics, kids:

(image via Darling Dexter)
This is how I could use my bird fabric! I love those napkins too.

(image via oh deer)
love her shoes & they're from tj maxx!

(images via style me pretty)
I am lucky to collect so many images of such gorgeous yellow weddings! Love the centerpieces, candy, etc.

(image via this charming blog)
Not a candy buffet but it sure looks like a great example of one! And I know I recognize those jars from IKEA. And I'm going there this week! I also took some vases from my work. Our office is moving and they are getting rid of things and were going to trash them!

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Love her dress & shoes!

Map ideas

DIY veil

Sweet short (and affordable) dresses!

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  1. oooh! i have that ikea jar! they are so cute with the sticker and makes for an adorable (and more affordable) candy buffet. good find! i love it!