Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sales are My Best Friend

It is a dangerous dangerous thing to find out beautiful pieces of clothing and shoes are on sale.



Both of the shoes are from DSW.




All dresses are from JCrew. The shoes I also like are now down to $100. What are the chances they will go any lower? I can wait them out but do not know if they would lower the price anymore.

So far on my weekend checklist I have accomplished:
recycling cans!

still have to:
recycle paper
make key copies
feed/visit dad's cat
feed/visit r's moms cats
clean/organize kitchen/living room
going to joanne fabrics & hopefully buying fabric ( for fabric banners, table runners)
making/buying gift for my boss*
actually make wedding crafts?

*is it bad if i make my boss a crepe paper bouquet? i figure she would like it (she is fun and artsy) and not only would i think she would like but i would also get a chance to perfect my flower making art and see if that works

otherwise, i am sorta at a loss for what to get her...

now I'm off to hopefully accomplish something!

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