Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picky?! Not me

So after I planned another dress appointment I tried to narrow down all the things I really like. I haven't found a dress that incorporates all of the characteristics (especially on in my price range) but hees hoping to finding something! I like:

*lace (most kinds, especially in details above the waist and high necklines or cap sleeves and I also like small trains with it. It was the only dress I liked I that I tried on before but I did not like like it)

* tea length (preferably, there is also something called a high low cut where it is higher in the front and sweeps down on the back. so I may look into that as a compromise)

*I also love this ( I like the cut too, not sure how I would look in it since I am crazy short):

(image via weddingdressesforsaleonline)

I'm sort of obsessed with this "keyhole"design in the backs of dresses. The questions is what do I wear underneath???? I may be trying one on on Monday so I'll let you know how that goes.

(image via the knot)

all I'm saying is that the bride that can rock this for her wedding is awesome....

and on a side note:

(image via ritzy bee)

I love how they did the garland on the table here! I was looking into using a solid yellow, maybe polka dots and this. Fun!

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