Wednesday, December 16, 2009

the dreaded to-do

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Sorry for not posting yesterday but this time of year is filled with lots of non wedding stuff. Unless you wanted to hear about my ideas for the Christmas dinner I'm having or the gifts I'm making. So yesterday I took a vacation day and tried to finish up a good majority of my Christmas gifts. I got a chunk done but not all. I have a sense I will need a serious amount of vacation days to get all my wedding decor & crafts done. Here is the mammoth list:

As soon as the holidays are over, do the following:

1. finish & send out save the dates
2. finish invites (send out later)
3. make bibs ( I've mentioned this a couple times but if you are new to reading this, since we are having bbq I was thinking of stamping disposable bibs with the date, intials, maybe a pig or something to have at people's seats)
4. measure & photograph venue (for decorations)
5. narrow down and decide on decorations and centerpieces
6. make decorations & centerpieces
7. finish boutonneires
8. check out flowers at farmers markets ( spring/early summer)
9. make favors ( atleast I have a while for this!)

things to buy:
1. flower pins (for the ladies)
2. rings
3. fascinator (I think I will today! #2! #2!)
4. shoes
5. paper & postage for save the dates and invites
6. favor ingredients & packaging
7. decoration & centerpiece materials

I'm sure I've left something off but I'm sure I can scramble around to do it later

Whats your countdown list looking like?

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