Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after aka Road to Recovery

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday! We had parties galore on Christmas eve and we had a party here for Christmas day. No matter how much I stress or worry usually everything turns out fine (maybe stop worrying so much in addition to the normal new year's resolutions?). After being nervous I would run out of food we of course have tons of leftovers and we teamed up to do all the dishes last night so it was so nice to wake up to a basically clean house. Also, I was so psyched to get Ryan a really good gift this year, especially since he got me the best gift ever:

(image via i-diy)

It was on back order so it will be arriving shortly and I am drooling in anticipation! I also got clothes, house stuff, cute christmas stuff, tons of scarfs and mittens and some sweet gift cards (Michaels! woo-hoo!)

Now that the Christmas 2009 project is out of the way, time to really start crackin' on wedding stuff (even though I think I still have another Christmas party today)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend/ vacation time ( if you're lucky!)

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