Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I love fake fridays

First things first:

I am psyched for the office Christmas party today at the pub down the street (half day and last day of the work week! yesssss!)

I had a performance review yesterday in which my boss said when i started working there she felt like she 'had died and gone to heaven'

I have that itchy, scratchy about the get sick feeling which I am fighting tooth and nail. Hopefully I win!

Also, I don't know about you but since the Time's 50 of the world's best design blogs list came out I've been slowly exploring each one (I was very happy to see a lot of my daily reads on there already!). I love finding new blogs to read because usually I read each one with such intensity that I get caught up on all their past posts very quickly. And I love finding new excellent etsy shops they reference. On that note, here is some great stuff I found (from both new and old sites)!

(image via elizabethbentz's etsy shop)

(tea towel from jewelweed's etsy shop...sadly, sold out)

(Regina B bag found via this is glamorous...now only if I felt comfortable spending $300 on a handbag...)

(hankie from the curiosity shop found via design is mine)

and lastly, I sorta don't care that this is fake because it is so damn cool looking (if you like yellow and are feeling like you want to bling it up):

(via beth1818's etsy shop)

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