Tuesday, December 1, 2009


1. I need to throw out the pies still at my house. They are killing me. They hit me when I am weakest: that time I get home from work and I am ravenous. Too much pie is the answer and cause of all my problems.

2. Assorted stuff I want for wedding crafts/ assorted crafts

(image via this etsy shop... I also want them in red and brown)

(mold via this etsy shop...I also like this one and this one)

(from this etsy shop)

(image via divinetwine.com)

3. Other People's Super-Sweet Weddings

(image via brooklyn bride)

Balloons as a beautiful arch? Brilliant and fun!

(image via Ruffled)

How can you go wrong with doughnuts and rollerskates? See more here.

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  1. Ug the pies. I finally did the same last night. I also replaced them with a giant bowl of fruit salad to help manage the Thanksgiving-released food cravings.

    This post also reminds me to return a ruffle dress which (sadly) doesn't fit.